• marie baker

    Behind every successful company is a great team – Marie is the glue that binds it all together. Marie has been at the forefront of the Property Management profession since 1987, and has been instrumental in attracting the best collection of wise heads in the business. End result - a successful, stand-alone property management business that continues to deliver the best results.

    Marie Baker Director
    (0274) 838 815
  • sharyn gallagher

    Sharyn joined Marie in 1992, and is Queen of referral business. Her range of experience covers the broad spectrum, and her ability to capably and effectively deal with all manner of situations ensures the efficient running of all properties in her care. Sharyn's frequent excursions into the 'over and above the call of duty' territory, are indicative of her generosity of spirit.

    Sharyn Gallagher Property Manager
  • Jerram Tuck

    We welcome Jerram to our team in 2015. Jerram is a recent graduate (Bachelor of Business Studies and Graduate Diploma), and reflects a positive emerging trend of young qualified males, seeking opportunities to take up Property Management as a career. With the full support of our team, Jerram is applying his skills in a practical sense, and both owners and tenants alike are impressed with his ability to match the professionalism and dedication of the rest of the team.

    Jerram Tuck Property Manager
    (0274) 432 832
  • alex theodoridis

    Our male perspective! Alex is the linchpin in our team. His sole focus is the physical wellbeing of our properties under management, and we see his role as being a reflection of our commitment to you, our owner/clients. We do not expect our property managers to incorporate this vital aspect into their daily routines. The value that Alex adds is measureable against the preservation and enhancement of your asset.

    Alex Theodoridis Asset Manager
  • denise bullock

    Again, we see this as being a specialist role within the framework of Property Management, and we are fortunate in having the very best person to take on this responsibility. Denise has extensive accounting expertise and brings special skills to the financial management aspect of Property Management. With complete focus on this role, she complements the other specialists within the team.

    Denise Bullock Financial Controller
  • beni small pic

    Beni joined us in 2016, to further strengthen our solid skill base and add a fresh dynamic.
    As a graduate (Bachelor of International Studies) with a successful history in sales and account management, Beni’s focus is Business Development. He fits right in and rounds out our underlying culture of loving what we do, treating everyone with respect, and always doing the right thing.

    Beni Tesoriero Business Development