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Hi Sharon, I just wanted you say that Leaders has been wonderful and surpassed our expectations in so many ways. There were a lot of minor issues with our apartment. Livable things, but the initiative was still taken to get everything looked at and in good working order. Now, among other improvements, our dryer is working better, both hob burners have a range of temperature settings, and the blinds are working beautifully. Thank you so much for doing all of these things that collectively make our apartment a more pleasant home.

Wondra Waizenegger

Have appreciated your assistance over this year.

Alanna Barnao

Many thanks for your quick response rate and having all requests seen and dealt to in a very good time.

Maggie Maclean and Jack Castle

Thanks to Jerram for being helpful and accommodating. He deserves an accolade for being professional in dealing with us and for his good customer service.

David Ang

Thank you so much Alex for yr prompt response, brilliant. It’s all fixed & it’s quiet again.

Tirsh Van Veen

Thank you for looking after the house so far this year, it's been a pleasure working with you!

Kate Baxter

Dear Sharyn
I would just like to add that we have thoroughly enjoyed living at the property and dealing with Leaders as property managers.
Kind Regards

Leanne Dean

Thanks Sharyn,
And thank you for you and the teams help over the years much appreciated.
Steve & Maureen.

Steve & Maureen

Dear Denise and Alex
Just a quick message to thank you all for everything over the last 18 Months!
It's been awesome having such accommodating property managers, whether its maintenance problems or our rent being dishonored (too many times!) things get fixed and problems get solved quickly and without a fuss. It made extending our lease an even easier decision. We hear horror stories from friends and colleagues about their landlords so we feel very lucky!
We really appreciate it and felt the need to let you know!
Thanks again,

Ashley Campbell

I would like to thank you along with Alex Theodoridis for always being such a pleasure to deal with. You both made every interaction with your company easy and were extremely efficient at all times. Whether it was moving in, as issue with the apartment or when it was time for us to leave, you made every process an absolute breeze.
We always knew that you were a simple phone call away and were always very prompt at getting things organised, especially with a few issues that were dealt with within only a few hours of us contacting you about them.
Thank you and all the best.

Anneke Smaling